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FusionFusion Youth Group
"Bringing It Together"

"Fusion Youth" is the name of our teenage group that meets at Living Word on Wednesday nights. It is a growing, fun, and inspiring meeting that allows young people to discover new things about God. They make new friends, play games that promote team work and fun, and learn biblical truths that can be applied to life as they live it.

"Fusion Youth" is young people with an atomic destiny!






"Following Jesus"
Luke 9:57

"J- Walkers" is the name of our children's group at Living Word. "J- Walkers" are little guys walking with Jesus. We like to have fun with our "J Walkers" in class meetings and, often times, church performances. We like for our kids to learn to work together whether it's in a performance or just playing together in the class room. Walkin' with Jesus means a lot, so we like to make learning to do it fun.

Latest Events

Sun Apr 22 @ 9:00AM -
Wed Apr 25 @ 7:00PM -
fusion youth group
Wed Apr 25 @ 7:00PM -
bible study

Our Mission

Pastors Brad and Kelly Payne welcome you to Living Word Christian Center! Our mission is to teach a message that is relevant for people who are struggling with life controlling issues. The Bible says "All have sinned and come short of God's glory."
At LWCC, we choose to minister with grace and compassion because we have all struggled or are struggling with something in our lives. Without Jesus, life has no direction and becomes frustrating. Come find the Word that ministers to your need and allow God's grace to change your life.